We deliver an unmatched combination of quality, technology, superior customer service, and meticulous attention to detail to provide cockpit solutions with focused guidance, unsurpassed accuracy and dependable safety. We maintain, service, upgrade and install some of the most complex and technologically advanced equipment on the market and have capabilities on all size aircraft. 

Executive Aircraft Maintenance is an authorized dealer for most major cockpit and cabin avionics equipment, and our in-house engineering regularly collaborates with (OEMs) for new supplemental type certificates (STCs).


  • ADS-B

  • FANS installations

  • TCAS 7.1

  • WAAS LPV upgrade

  • Wi-Fi & High-Speed Data

  • Flight Deck communications

  • Flight Deck upgrades

  • EFBs

  • Cabin & Entertainment upgrades

  • iPad Cabin Controls (iCabin)

  • Phone Systems

  • Safety Systems

  • Weather Systems

    Authorized Dealer

    Automatic Dependent Surveillance -Broadcast (ADS-B)

    Staring January 1, 2020.  Your aircraft must be equipped with ADS-B Out to fly in most controlled airspaces.  ADS-B is transforming all segments of aviation. Real-time precision, shared situational awareness, advanced applications for pilots and controllers alike – these are the hallmarks of ADS-B NextGen surveillance.

    • Real-time ADS-B is used now for air traffic control
    • General aviation is safer with ADS-Btraffic, weather, and flight-information services
    • Safety and efficiency improve with advancedADS-Bapplications

    ADS-B improves safety and efficiency in the air and on runways, reduces costs, and lessens harmful effects on the environment.

    Pro Line 4™ to Pro Line 21™ Upgrade for Falcon 50-50EX and Falcon 2000-2000/EX

    New Functionality, Improved Capabilities

    Falcon Pro Line 4 operators now have a choice:  the Rockwell Collins Pro Line 21 avionics suite. Upgrading your F50EX/F2000/F2000EX with Pro Line 21 modernizes your cockpit and provides tangible benefits:

    • Increased operational capabilities
    • Enhanced situational awareness
    • Future growth path
    • Greater reliability
    • Reduced operating costs
    • Increased resale value
    • Option for ADS-B compliance

    New LCDs significantly increase the mean time between failure, resulting in far better dispatch reliability.  Pro Line 21 offers several interchangeable options, including synthetic vision, ADS-B compliance, LPV approach capability, electronic charts, and Sirius XM graphical weather.

    Avance L5

    Gogo business aviation technology has pioneered inflight connectivity and entertainment for more than 25 years.

    Handling everything from single, light aircraft to global flight departments, Gogo AVANCE is allowing passengers and pilots to be themselves.

    Whether that means getting more done en route, making the most of some downtime, or utilizing the most cutting-edge tools to navigate, Gogo AVANCE technology makes it possible.

    We’re proud to offer Gogo AVANCE technology because it’s the best at providing things our Gulfstream, Falcon and Hawker aircraft owners, operators and passengers care about. With Gogo AVANCE, you can do things like:

    • Stream video and audio;
    • Seamlessly host a web conference;
    • Surf the web and access their personal network and email; and
    • Text with friends and family

    G5000® for Citation Excel and Citation XLS

    With the G5000 integrated flight deck upgrade for the Citation Excel and XLS, you’ll receive the latest in satellite-based navigation capabilities, digital flight management tools, current and future NextGen operational support as well as graphical display technologies for enhanced situational awareness. Better still, this upgrade typically replaces enough outdated wiring and hardware in your airframe to provide a weight savings of approximately 200 pounds or more — giving you the option to carry an additional passenger (or more luggage, golf clubs, cargo, etc.) with the same fuel load. 

    Future Air Navigation System (FANS)

    Digital data link communications is part of airspace modernization efforts around the world. Compliance with mandates may affect you, as an operator. Learn more about how it works and how it could affect your operations here with Universal Avionics’ FANS Technology Resource Guide. Explore the history behind the technology, take note of the various worldwide initatives and mandates, educate yourself and be prepared for the future of digital data link as it becomes more prominent over traditional communication channels like HF.

    URGENT Upcoming Mandates


    Schedule an appointment now with AeroCheck MRO.  ADS-B is required on all aircraft operated under controlled airspace by January 1, 2020. 

    FANS Technologies

    Phase 2, Step 3 – FANS 1/A in North Atlantic | FANS 1/A required in all ICAO NAT region FL290 and above

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